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NewsPlus是一套来着themeforest的wordpress新闻资讯主题,这套wordpress主题简洁大方,功能强大,支持后台自定义设置,兼容WooCommerce 、BuddyPress、bbPress、WPML等强大功能插件。


Clean design, WordPress 3.8+ ready
Responsive layout, optimized for Retina display. (Responsive feature can be turned off from theme options)
Proportional layout scaling
Boxed/Stretched layout
Optimized for SEO and Micro Formats
Localization/Translation ready (Sample .po and .mo files included)
RTL Language Support
Theme Customizer support for Navigation and Footer color schemes
Image Scaling from Theme Options Panel
jQuery powered multi-level drop down menus (Powered by WordPress Menus)
Posts and Content Slider using Flex Slider (unlimited usage via short-codes)
Posts Carousel using Flex Slider
Custom archive and blog templates (Grid, list and classic style)
Custom Post Formats (Gallery and Video)
Short codes in visual editor (with individual option panels)
Multi-tool post short code wih Custom Post Types support
Exclusive sidebar and header widget areas (per page and post)
WordPress Custom Background
Individual page and post options panel
Unbranded Theme Options panel
Google font integration from Theme Options panel
6 custom widgets (flickr, social icons, recent posts, popular posts, custom categories and mini folio)
Built in ajax/php contact page template with form validation
Built in Social Sharing for single posts (Facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, and pinterest)
Highlighted search results
Single post features include author bio, related posts, inline advertisements, and nested comments with     gravatar support.
Style components (accordion, tabs, toggle, level indicators, notification boxes, lists, etc.)
WordPress Post Thumbnails support for image display
Sample dummy data included in text and XML format
Step-by-step guide and documentation for theme installation and configuration
Supported on all major browsers
Compatible with WooCommerce
Compatible with BuddyPress
Compatible with bbPress
Compatible with WPML and WooCommerce Multilingual Plugin


wordpress CMS主题:新闻资讯NewsPlus主题

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